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Blacksmith Plans and Jeweler Designs are recipes that allow the two artisans to craft items for you in Diablo 3.

Artisans learn recipes by training up through levels of proficiency from level 1 to 10. Each level grants access to recipes for higher quality items. Training artisans costs gold and higher levels of training will also cost Pages of Blacksmithing, Pages of Jewelcrafting, Tomes of Blacksmithing, Tomes of Jewelcrafting and Tomes of Secrets

The highest quality recipes can be found as loot from monsters or from breakable objects and given to the artisans to train. They are not account bound so they can be sold or given away.

Once the artisan has learned a recipe all characters on your Diablo 3 account will have access to it as your artisans are shared.

Crafting with Recipes[edit | edit source]

For your artisan to craft from a recipe he has learned he will need materials and gold. If you have what is required in your backpack you simply click Craft in the artisan's interface and the artisan will do the rest.

A recipe never fails to craft.

The Blacksmith and Jewelers designs differ slightly in that the Jeweler combines lower quality gems to create higher quality gems so you are always aware of what the end product will be.

Blacksmith Plans do not reveal all attributes of the finished item but the recipe does tell you how many bonus attributes the item will have. In that sense there is an element of gambling attached each time you craft the item. If the bonus attributes aren't to your liking the Blacksmith can Salvage the item back into materials or you can sell it to a vendor or in the Auction House.

The materials the Jeweler needs to create a Flawless Square gem - 2 Square Emeralds (db), 1 Tome of Jewelcrafting (db) and 100 gold
Jeweler design materials.jpg

The Jeweler's Design reveals what use the resulting gem can be put to when socketed into an item.
Jeweler design.jpg

The materials the Blacksmith needs to create the item - 7 Shimmering Essence (db), 2 Lizard Eyes (db) and 1386 gold
Blacksmith plan materials.jpg

The Blacksmith's Plan reveals some attributes, but not all. Only when the Blacksmith has crafted it will all bonuses be revealed.
Blacksmith plan.jpg

For a full list of all the recipes available to the artisans check the links below:

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