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Are you looking for shrines in Diablo I Shrines or Diablo II Shrines?

Diablo 3 Shrines are randomly-located, randomly-spawned objects that characters can click to receive temporary buffs to a variety of properties. Shrine effects pass to all players in the area when they are first triggered. There are 5 types of shrines, and each grants a buff that lasts for 2 minutes. The character who clicks the shrine and anyone else in the nearby area (on the visible screen) will gain the shrine benefit as well. Characters can benefit from multiple different shrines at once, but hitting the same shrine again will just refresh the full duration, not stack benefits or duration.

Various legendary items modify shrine effects, making them last longer or spawning monsters when Shrines are clicked.

Pylons are special types of shrines found only in Nephalem Rifts and sometimes in Greater Rifts. They grant different, larger bonuses than normal shrines and grant only a 30 second duration of buff. These buffs end immediately if a character leaves the Rift.

A Demon Hunter with a shrine buff.

Types of Shrines[edit | edit source]

Pylons are super shrines found only in Rifts. They grant larger bonuses for a short 30 second duration.

Shrine General Information[edit | edit source]

Shrine Booster

Once a shrine is clicked a message will appear on screen notifying the player of the buff. Party members within the vicinity will also receive the buff and message. Shrine buffs are displayed just above the belt interface, with an icon that shows the buff and the time remaining.

  • If wearing the legendary Gloves of Worship, shrine effects will last 10 minutes. These gloves have a chance to be found in Horadric Caches rewarded for completing all five Bounties in Act 2 or 4.
  • If wearing Nemesis Bracers when clicking the shrine it will spawn an enemy champion.
  • Shrines are randomly generated. Although there are specific points at which a shrine may appear one won't always appear and the type is also random.
  • Shrines do not regenerate and can only be used once per game.
  • Players in a party need to be nearby the player who clicks the shrine to get its effects.
  • If a player dies a shrine's effects terminate.
  • A shrine's effects persist if the player moves between levels.
  • Shrines of the same type do not stack.
  • Shrines of different type can be active at the same time.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Shrines feature in the following achievements:

Name Points Description Banner
<achievement type="single">Bless You</achievement>

Shrine Development in Diablo 3[edit | edit source]

The developers initially planned Shrines to function much differently in Diablo III than they did in the previous games in the series. Bold statements about not providing just a short term random bonus were made, but ultimately the Diablo III team couldn't find a better implementation style, and went with a repeat of the format seen in Diablo I and Diablo II, though the D3 shrines have some different effects.

  • Information and blue quotes about shrines during development can be seen on the Shrine archive article.

Shrines in Previous Diablo Games[edit | edit source]

In Diablo I, shrines appeared as black wooden constructions with white crosses on them, candles burning on both sides. When the player clicked on them, the shrine would become disfigured and slightly demonic with a sword appearing near the base.

In Diablo II, shrines came in a large variety but were a bit more primal and not as tied to the real-life imagery of religion. In the early game, the player would stumble upon a shrine that consisted of skulls and bones sitting upon the top of a pike, with stones gathered around the base on the ground. When the player clicked on it, they effectively "desecrated" the shrine, destroyed it, giving the bonus.

However, in Diablo III, shrines were natively "desecrated" and the player purified them by interacting with them. The character classes of Diablo III were attempting to undo the damage done by the carelessness of the Diablo II characters. The "desecrated" lable was dropped from all shrines during development.

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