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Lloigor the Crazed is a Superunique Human occasionally-encountered on the fourth level of the Cathedral in Act One. He is initially non-violent, and appears absorbed in the study of a book on a lectern before him. Only when approached does Lloigor react to the player, and not until you click on the "Musty Tome" he's reading does he grow enraged and attacks.

Lloigor is a homage to Zhar the Mad, a monster mage found in Diablo I.

His basic attack is a two-pronged Arcane ball, and he can also summon Carrion Bats to assist him in his battle. He can not teleport or use Flash, as Zhar the Mad could in Diablo I, and his dialogues are not as clever as Zhar's.

Lloigor the Crazed Musty Tome


Lloigor's Arcane dual attack.
Lloigor is an homage to Zhar the Mad, a SuperUnique mage quest monster found in Diablo I single player. In that game, Zhar was found standing in one of the library sections of Catacombs 8, always near a bookrack. Though he was a monster, the Advocate type mage, he did not attack. Quoting from the Diablo I wiki page: [1]

When first clicked on, Zhar speaks in a crazy voice. "All these interruptions are enough to drive one mad!" He still does not attack, though he'll turn to watch the player as you move around the room. He does not attack until you click on the bookshelf beside him, which always drops a random spellbook. That upsets him, causing him to mutter, "Your curiosity will be the death of you." He then attacks with Fireballs. He can also use Flash at melee range, and Teleport as well.

Lloigor the Crazed takes a page out of Zhar's book, ignoring the player until you click on the "Musty Tome" lectern he is standing before. At that point he attacks with Arcane fireballs, and can summon Carrion Bats as well.

As of the Beta test, Lloigor does not have the amusingly-crazy dialogue or voice that Zhar the Mad showed, and players have hopes that he'll be upgraded to become a more memorable character in the final game.

Lovecraft Homage

Lloigor's name is taken from the Lovecraft Mythos. In a 1932 short story by August Derleth and Mark Schorer, entitled "The Lair of the Star-Spawn", they described the Twin Obscenities as Lloigor the Crazed and its brother Zhar the Mad. [2]

Zhar the Mad appeared in Diablo I, so it's only natural that the Diablo III monster who is an homage to Zhar be named Lloigor.


Images and movies of Lloigor the Crazed.

Video of Lloigar attempting to satisfy a player's curiousity with a single gold. It doesn't work:


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