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Teganze is located in the Torajan Jungles, quite centrally on Sanctuary's world map.

Teganze is a region of the Torajan Junges on the Eastern continent of Sanctuary. South west of Kurast, deep in the jungle.



The umbaru race resides in Teganze. Three clans are known from Abd al-Hazir's thirteenth entry of his Writings:

In the Tribe of the Five Hills, which he visited, fearsome Witch Doctors lead and fought for the tribe. They conduct ritual warfare against their two neighbours, but it's not known if the Witch Doctors are unique to the Tribe of the Five Hills, or if they are common among all of the umbaru.

Five additional tribes were used by the mage clan known as Vizjerei, and transformed as beasts of war for the Mage Clan War. They sold their souls to the demon Zagraal to get feral power and to defeat their Vizjerei oppressors, but in the end they lost the last of their humanity, now called "Khazra", roughly translating to "demon". The new names of the tribes are believed to be:

  • Moon Clan
  • Night Clan
  • Blood Clan
  • Death Clan
  • Hell Clan

The umbaru Witch Doctors have spent much energy to more or less eradicate the "goatmen".