Trailing the Coven

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Trailing the Coven
Given by Leah
Previous Quest The Doom in Wortham
Lore The Spider Queen
Next Quest The Imprisoned Angel
Related Achivements

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Entrance to cave

After taking the quest from Leah, head back to the Wortham Chapel Cellar. Once outside of the church head north, following the path until you reach the Caverns of Araneae. Outside the caverns you'll find the Crazed Hermit who will babble at you. The path to the Chamber of Queen Araneae always leads northeast

Spider go Nom

You'll encounter Spiderlings and Arachnid Horrors and maybe a few Ghouls and Carrion Bats. A unique spider, Arsect the Venomous may appear and he'll bring some more Arachnid Horrors with him. He will be guarding a fat chest and a cocooned victim who you can free after killing Arsect. It is a Treasure Goblin.

Free Karyna

The Queen's chamber is a very small level at the back of which is a woman, Karyna, stuck in a massive web. She asks you to free her from the web that Queen Araneae has caught her in. At this point it's best to move back from where the woman is as you can become trapped there as the spider queen descends and fills the steps. If you don't move out the way you can use soomething like Vault or Leap which you can use to just pass through her.

She has a melee attack, Web Spit which slows your walk speed and a delightful poison puke. As she takes damage she disappears and sends in waves of Brood Daughter which have a basic melee attack. Once they're all dead click on the pool of venom next to the woman stuck in the web and free her with it. Follow her through the doorway to the Highlands Crossing.

Barricade Breached

Once in the Highlands Karyna will tell you of a staff (she stole from the Khazra) that she left in her wagon in the Highlands which will allow you to open the Khazra Barricade. You must fetch it.

The Southern Highlands is mostly infested with Khazra, Wood Wraith and some Cultists, all of which you have fought before so no surprises. There are some events to look out for too. Revenge of Gharbad and The Crumbling Tower events and both have achievements attached to them also. There's also the The Scavenged Scabbard event which also forms part of an achievement.

Once you have found her wagon and collected the staff a unique Khazra called Nalghban the Foul will appear.

The barricade is chock-full of Khazra and traps so proceed with caution. Once through it you will be in the Northern Highlands which is about half the size of the Southern Highlands. There are no dungeons to distract you here so follow the straight path to Leoric's Hunting Grounds. There are no dungeons in this area either. On the left side of the hunting grounds is a bridge which you cross to get to the Courtyard of Leoric's Manor

There is usually a Shrine in the courtyard but leave that for a moment. Kill off the few Cultists first and then grab the shrine before you head into Leoric's Manor where you'll fight considerably more enemies so will benefit more from the 2 minutes buff to whatever.

In the Manor itself you'll fight Dark Cultist, Dark Summoners, Dark Berserkers and Dark Vessels who will summon Unholy Thrall. This is a relatively easy fight, the only issue is that there are lots of them so don't charge into the throng as they will swarm round you really quickly. Lots of blasty fun to be had here.

Leoric's Shinbone
Check the fireplace at the back of the room on the right hand side of the hallway. Here you may find some burnt logs which will turn out to be Leoric's Shinbone (db). This is a component needed to craft the Staff of Herding for the secret level Whimsyshire.

Up the stairs and through the doors you'll see Maghda holding court with a group of Dark Cultists and there are some Hellion standing guard. Maghda of course disappears as soon as you engage the Cultists. Once they're all dead the quest ends.

The corpse in front of the door will give you the next quest The Imprisoned Angel.

Events[edit | edit source]

Achievements[edit | edit source]

The Trailing the Coven quest forms part of the following Achievements:

Name Points Description Banner
<achievement type="single">The Last of the Horadrim</achievement><achievement type="single">Pink'd</achievement>

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