Cursed Event

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ACT 1 - Achievement obtainable!

The Cursed Cellar - Damp Cellar (Outside New Tristram)
The Cursed Chamber of Bone - Cathedral lvl1 (ellipsoid area with stairs behind it)
The Cursed Court - Cathedral lvl2 (random, down the stairs for me)
The Cursed Grove - Fields of Misery (Old Man Resplendent Chest location)
The Cursed Hatchery - Caverns of Araneae (just before boss corridor)
The Cursed Camp - Southern Highlands (past the bridge, go upper right)
The Cursed Bellows - Halls of Agony 3 (Area entrance)
The Cursed Mill - Between Fields of misery and Drowned Temple - Bounty

ACT 2 - Achievement obtainable!

The Cursed Outpost - Howling Plateau (area when frightened girl spawned previously)
The Cursed Battlement - Howling Plateau (same area as above, but a shrine)
The Cursed Shallows - The Flooded Cave Lvl 1 (in Oasis, random inside)
The Cursed Archive - Vault of the Assassin (central area with stairs in 4 directions)
The Cursed Spire - Unknown Depths (random spawn)
The Cursed Pit - Storm Halls (random spawn)

ACT 3 - Achievement obtainable!

The Crused Depths - Keep Depths Lvl 2 - (random spawn)
The Cursed Garrison - The Battlefields (center of the area, up the stairs)
The Cursed Glacier - Icefall Caves Lvl 1 (near entrance to 2nd lvl, large area)
The Crused Caldera - Arreat Crater Lvl 2 (side area of the map)

ACT 4 - Achievement obtainable!

The Cursed Chapel - Silver Spire Lvl 2 (side area of the map shaped like peninsula)
The Cursed Dias - Gardens of Hope lvl1 - Bounty

ACT 5 - Achievement obtainable!

Every one can be a bounty as far as I have noticed.