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All the Media Coverage from 2008, archived to keep the page size reasonable. See the main media coverage page for up to date material.

Media Coverage Archive:
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December 2008[edit | edit source]

November 2008[edit | edit source]

Soul Harvesting WD.

October 2008 - Post BlizzCon[edit | edit source]

October 2008 - BlizzCon[edit | edit source]

Blizzcon reports continued to appear long after the show ended. They're all grouped here for convenience.

September 2008[edit | edit source]

Skovos overhead view.

August 2008 - Post-Leipzig[edit | edit source]

August 2008 - GC Leipzig[edit | edit source]

Interviews conducted at the GDC kept showing up for weeks after the event. They're all grouped here for convenience.

Miss me?
  • Interview: August 25, 2008. Jay Wilson tells us there will be no LAN support. In GERMAN (English translation).
  • Video Interview: August 22, 2008. Jay Wilson talks about career, D2/D3 teams, struggle and MUCH about the art controversy. IncGamers.
  • Interview: August 22, 2008. Jay Wilson on loot and other things. Boomtown.
  • Interview: August 22, 2008. Jay Wilson tells us there will be no Diablo III runewords.
  • Interview: August 21, 2008. Jay Wilson says only the Barbarian will feature in Diablo 3. The Necromancer is 100% cut. Kotaku.
  • Interview: August 20, 2008. Jay Wilson on D1/D2 experiences, isometric view, and art controversy. Eurogamer.
  • Interview: August 20, 2008. Jay Wilson talks about and PvP. Gamespot.
  • Interview: August 20, 2008. Jay Wilson on potions, inventory and story. IGN.
  • Pictures: August 20, 2008. New artwork from the Leipzig press CD.
  • Pictures: August 20, 2008. 13 Screenshots from the Leipzig press CD.

August 2008 - Pre-Leipzig[edit | edit source]

  • Blue Post: August 15, 2008. Bashiok on game visuals and design philosophies.
  • Pictures: August 14, 2008. Six new screenshots and artworks.
  • Blue Post: August 13, 2008. Bashiok on beta testing and release dates.
  • Interview: August 12, 2008. Jay Wilson on returning characters from D1 and D2, and the Diablo series continuing past D3. MTV MP Blog.
  • Interview: August 11, 2008. Jay Wilson on male and female options for each character. MTV MP Blog.
  • Interview: August 10, 2008. Jay Wilson on the chances of a D3 Secret Cow Level. MTV MP Blog.
  • Interview: August 8, 2008. Jay Wilson talks about D3's characters and the game's state of progress. Vault Network.
  • Pictures: August 7, 2008. New piece of concept art posted by
  • Blue Post: August 6, 2008. Bashiok on the Secret Cow Level and game balancing in general.
  • Blue Post: August 6, 2008. Bashiok on whether the D3 Barbarian is "too magical."
  • Blue Post: August 6, 2008. Bashiok on Blizzard's newly-announced "achievements" and how they will work on Diablo 3.
  • Blue Post: August 6, 2008. Bashiok gives numerous quick answers on the separateness of D3's acts, night/day cycle, boss-specific fatalities, and more.
  • Preview: August 5, 2008. UGO on chat trades and fees.
  • Interview: August 5, 2008. Jay Wilson on the fact that the Necromancer is gone. MTV
  • Preview: August 4, 2008. on, and possible 2.0 changes.
  • Interview: August 4, 2008. Jay Wilson discusses player-modified D3 screenshots and the game's art direction. MTV
  • Blue Post: August 3, 2008. Bashiok on the Barbarian statue.
  • Preview: August 1, 2008. GamesRadar on D3, and a short QA session.
  • Interview: August 1, 2008. Jeffrey Kaplan on Diablo 3 Achievements, "Blizzard Account" and fan's "Blizzard level". MTV

July 2008[edit | edit source]

  • Interview: July 31, 2008. Jay Wilson on colour and WoW influences. MTV.
  • Interview: July 31, 2008. Jay Wilson on art design and player petitions. Kotaku.
  • Interview: July 31, 2008. Jay Wilson on Diablo III's revenue model.
  • Blue Post: July 31, 2008. Bashiok on D3's plans for an improved experience.
  • Pictures: July 29, 2008. Barbarian figurine announced.
  • Blue Post: July 29, 2008. Bashiok on boss damage visuals.
  • Interview: July 27, 2008. Rob Pardo on game design (general). CVG.
  • Pictures: July 26, 2008. five new screenshots including monster and world art.
  • Interview: July 25, 2008. Leonard Boyarsky on the importance of lore in the game. IGN.
  • Preview: July 25, 2008. Australian PC Powerplay Magazine. Scanned pages one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
  • Interview: July 24, 2008. Brian Morrisroe speaks about art design with CVG.
  • Interview: July 23, 2008. Rob Pardo on Blizzard's game design philosophy. CVG.
  • Blue Post: July 23, 2008. Bashiok on Barbarian leaps and character movement, Tristram as dungeon, class-equpment, death animations and outdoor static areas.
  • Blue Post: July 22, 2008. Bashiok on Blizzard caring about corpses.
  • Interview: July 19, 2008. Activion CFO Tom Tippl on the Activision/Blizzard merger].
  • Blue Post: July 17, 2008. Bashiok on vanishing corpses and corpse skills, and does D3 = MMO?
  • Interview: July 16, 2008. Mike Huang, D2 developer gives his impressions of D3.
  • Interview: July 14, 2008. Activision CFO Thomas Tippl on the Activision / Blizzard merger.
  • Blue Post: July 13, 2008. Bashiok on corpses.
  • Blue Post: July 12, 2008.Bashiok on health globes and party play.
  • Blue Post: July 11, 2008. Bashiok on a variety of issues.
  • Blue Post: July 9, 2008. Bashiok on respecing.
  • Interview: July 8, 2008. Paul Sams. Mtv's MP blog.
  • Interview: July 7, 2008. Ben Boos, D2 artist gives his impressions of D3.
  • Interview: July 4, 2008. Max Schaefer Diablo creator gives his opinion of Diablo III.
  • Interview: July 4, 2008. Mike Morhaime. Eurogamer.
  • Blue Post: July 3, 2008. Bashiok on Blizzard's approach to controlling PKing.

June 2008: World Wide Invitational[edit | edit source]

Diablo III was announced at Blizzard's World Wide Invitational in Paris, on June 28, 2008. A storm of media coverage ensued, with every gaming media outlet on the Internet reporting the announcement. The biggest sources of info from the WWI were the four hour-long Diablo 3 panels, along with three movies Blizzard released, the D3 FAQ, and over one hundred screenshots and pieces of concept art.

Blizzard's WWI Panels[edit | edit source]

WWI Interviews[edit | edit source]

Additional WWI Reporting and Features[edit | edit source]

All posted June 28-30, 2008.

Pre-WWI Teasers[edit | edit source]

  • Other: Pre-WWI Teasers. Teaser images and secret codes posted on Blizzard's website during the week before Diablo III's announcement. June 22-28, 2008.

Newer News[edit | edit source]

Newer headlines and articles are archived on the Media Coverage Archive pages: