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The Stinging Winds is a expanse of desert in Act II. There are two parts to it, east and west and sitting at the top of both is the Khasim Outpost which is also the site of the area's Waypoint.

Stinging winds map.jpg

On this Map
Places People Foes Events Things
Abandoned Cellar
Chamber of the Lost Idol
Crumbling Vault
Hadi's Claim Mine
The Lost Caravan
The Ruins
Dying Necromancer
Mehtan the Necromancer
Treasure Hunter
Dervish Lord
The Crumbling Vault
Guardian Spirits
The Restless Sands
The Rygnar Idol
Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish
Azmodan, the Lord of Sin
Baal, the Lord of Destruction
Belial, the Lord of Lies
Black Rock Ledger
Diablo, the Lord of Terror
Duriel, the Lord of Pain
The Feared Hero
Guard's Orders
Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred
Necromancer's Log
Poltahr's Notes
The Seven Lords of Hell