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This is the FAQ part of the Help section. If your answer is not found here, you can try the support page.

How do wikis work?[edit source]

A wiki is an open source document that anyone can edit or add to. "All of us are smarter than any of us," goes the theory. Wikis are designed to be easy to edit; they are primarily text-based, and you do not need to know HTML or PHP or CSS or any other programming language to edit wiki pages. The wiki can handle some HTML and CSS though, so if you do know something about it, you might get to use it.

For more practical purposes, you can jump right in and edit text on this wiki without knowing anything more than how to click the "edit" button. For the wiki-specific formatting, you can read more in the wiki markup help page.

How can I help?[edit source]

If you know about the Diablo games or the universe, you can fill in some pages that aren't yet online, or flesh out existing pages. A wiki is a living document, and with the game constantly evolving, there are always changes, updates, and corrections to be made to existing pages. The Community Portal is the headquarters for wiki contributions, and the talk page there the main writing board.

If you're less of an Diablo 3 expert, or aren't comfortable writing original material, you can help improve existing pages. Almost every page on this wiki could be improved by adding links to other related pages, illustrating the information by inserting images and thumbnails or links to full screenshots, improving the navigation to help people find the pages they seek by adding links or categorization, or even just italicizing "Diablo II" as needed.

If you have experience with wikis you can help fix up errors or formatting problems, or work with people who know Diablo II or writing, but aren't wiki experts.

If you don't want to get that involved you can make smaller changes; fix typos, join the "discussion" on a page or in our wiki forums to suggest additions or corrections or different interpretations.

Do I need to know how to code?[edit source]

No. Wiki markup is very simple, much less complicated and fussy than HTML. Here's a markup page that list all the codes you will need. Alternatively, if you see something on a page that you'd like to replicate simply click 'edit' at the top of the page and see what the code is and copy and paste it to the page you're working on.

Tables of Contents (like the one at the top of this page) are created automatically from the headings in a page.

Don't be afraid to make changes if you have the info; there's a handy preview button before you commit :)

Do I need a Wiki account to contribute?[edit source]

Yes, but it only takes a moment. You can do so here.

Registration reduces the amount of spam on the wiki, and makes it a nicer place to visit. Other than that, anyone is free to register.

Any guidelines to adding content[edit source]

DiabloWiki prides itself on the high standard of site content and so we encourage everyone to check their updates for simple things like spelling and grammar. Also make sure you double check your info before committing. Accurate Diablo II information is the key!

Do not add copyrighted content from another on or off-line publication to DiabloWiki.

Help, I need advice![edit source]

Don't worry, if you haven't found the help you need here there is always the DiabloWiki support forum, or get council on the Support page. Feel free to ask questions about general wiki issues, as well as specific page content.

Can I cut and paste content from DiabloWiki to my own website?[edit source]

You may not copy sections or pages from DiabloWiki. This wiki is a collaborative effort, and the pages are a result of the efforts of hundreds of D2 fans. Contributors to the DiabloWiki have given permission for their work to appear in this wiki, on this site. But nowhere else.

Short, fair use quotations from DiabloWiki are permitted, (if you want to cite facts to back up your argument in a Diablo II Forum discussion, for instance) providing you clearly cite the source of the quote and provide a link back to the original page on DiabloWiki.

Can I cut and paste content from other websites to DiabloWiki?[edit source]

No, not unless you have the express permission of the copyright holder. Information submitted to DiabloWiki should be your original writing, and don't lie, or we'll know. Quotations are permitted (and encouraged) to support your info, but they should come from original sources, (such as interviews with Diablo II Team members), and not someone else's summary of the information. Read and research, then write your own material.

If I create a page can I stop others amending it?[edit source]

No. The whole point of a wiki is that all of us are smarter than one of us, and that as much as you or I know about some topic, someone else knows more. That being said, intentional misinformation and inflammatory or libellous comments are prohibited, and pages that deal with controversial subjects or are victimized by malicious editing (also known as vandalism may be temporarily locked. Pages of great importance such as the Main Page might also be locked from contributor changes.

Can I post my strategy guide on DiabloWiki?[edit source]

Yes. The DiabloWiki is a great place to place your strategy guides. This wiki is the best available source for Diablo III information and facts as well as guides. Strategy submissions are welcome at the strategy section of The Unofficial Site, of course. Just make sure you adhere to our policies, and add the guide in the Guides category.

If you feel unsure on how to do it, publish it first at the Unofficial Diablo Site Strategy Forums instead.

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