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A wiki template is not really what you would call a "template" in real world. In a wiki, we usually call that a "boilerplate".

What is a Template?[edit source]

A wiki template is an article, just like any other, but with the ability to be embedded onto other pages.

If you have made a table that you would like to include in more than one place and the data may change you can create a template for it. An example of this would be Template:Blacksmith training which contains details of how many pages and tomes are needed to train a Blacksmith. That table is used on a number of different pages. The template was created and the template code {{Blacksmith training}} simply added to the place where the table needed to appear.

If and when any details change only the one template needs to be updated.

Other examples of where templates are used in Diablo Wiki are:

{{Waypoint}} ...which inserts the following text:

Waypoints are special plates on the ground that form a network of jump points allowing players to instantly teleport between them. The nearest waypoint for Template appears

As that is included on every page it saves having to type the exact same sentence out each time.

Another, {{Skill_navbox_Diablo_III|DH}} will insert a navigation menu which looks like:

If a link ever needs changing or a new one added it only needs to be updated in that one template.

You can ask one of the DiabloWiki sysops for more information.

All Templates[edit source]

This is the list of all DiabloWiki templates.

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