Binding of the Three

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The Binding of the Three is an ancient Tome in Diablo I found on the 12th level of the Caves. The book explains the capturing of the Prime Evils by the Horadrim.

The Binding of the Three[edit | edit source]

The Book reads as follows:

"So it came to be that the Three Prime Evils were banished in spirit form to the mortal realm and after sowing chaos across the East for decades, they were hunted down by the cursed Order of the mortal Horadrim. The Horadrim used artifacts called Soulstones to contain the essence of Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred and his brother Baal, the Lord of Destruction. The youngest brother - Diablo, the Lord of Terror - escaped to the West.

Eventually the Horadrim captured Diablo within a Soulstone as well, and buried him under an ancient, forgotten Cathedral. There, the Lord of Terror sleeps and awaits the time of his rebirth. Know ye that he will seek a body of youth and power to possess - one that is innocent and easily controlled. He will then arise to free his Brothers and once more fan the flames of the Sin War..."

The author is unknown but seeing how it depicts the Horadrim as "the cursed Order" it seems likely it's some sort of cultist who has written it.

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