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Diablo: Tales of Sanctuary was published 2001 by Dark Horse containing three unique stories.

Description[edit | edit source]

Grab your sword and follow us as we venture deep into the world of Diablo in Tales of Sanctuary. Collecting three stories of horror, adventure, and action featuring characters and creatures from the hit video game Diablo! Follow the Barbarian Renit and Necromancer Cairo as they search the fabled "Hand of Naz" in order to overcome a demon horde. Meet a Paladin named Hale as he fights an evil that will cause him to question the very nature of his existence. Witness the Druid Azgar as he fights to defend his village and the demons that lie deep within him! Illustrated by master comics artist Francisco Ruiz Battlegods Velasco, Diablo: Tales of Sanctuary will slake your thirst for adventure and leave you crying for more! [1]

Stories[edit | edit source]

Rage[edit | edit source]


Azgar trains with his father and brother Grey eventually trained to keep his village safe. Later he learns the spiritual ways of the Druid. He meditates after discovering the ability to shape-shift into a bear. One day he suddenly became a were-bear and went to the village attacking everything in sight. Unfortunately he also finds his younger brother and in blind rage attacks him. Once he realizes what he had done he fled the village in fear. Fear that he had killed his brother. Thankfully his brother was not killed, and Azgar continued to guard the village from afar.

Years later the minions of Baal came to the village and Azgar was summoned by a child to help protect the village. He goes and fights the masses as they began the assault. Azgar nearly was overcame by the massive horde of minions but Azgar shifted into his Were-bear form and laid waste to the demons. Sadly as he was about to win the last Minion stabbed Azgar in the heart from his back and he fell. Before he passed on he saw his little brother; eyes covered by cloth hiding the gruesome scar. He held his brother as he passed crying while speaking of his brother. Never blaming him for doing to him what had happened years before.

The Hand of Naz[edit | edit source]


The Barbarian Renit was on a quest of revenge for the deaths of his fellow kinsmen. He searches for the demon army that slew them and in an unlikely turn of events meets the Necromancer Cairo in the depths of some old Catacombs. When they meet she tells Renit a story of lies that she was an apprentice of a slain master and that she is of meager power and unable to avenge her brethen.

She shows him a tome featuring writings and a drawing of a gauntlet called the Hand of Naz. The wearer can summon a spectral army to do his or her bidding, and grant their darkest wish. Believing her lies and the story of the gauntlet Renit joins Cairo in her quest for the Artifact. Later they head to a demonic structure called the Castle of Kanemith. There they searched the castle slaying demons in their wake and found the tomb of Naz; where-in the artifact laid. When they removed the gauntlet a trap was sprung and undead poored into the room. Renit ran for the doorway leaving Cairo to die.

Later Renit summoned the spectral army and unleashed them upon the demons that destroyed his kinsmen destroying the demon army. Unknown to him; a ghost of Naz walked up and slew Renit where he stood. A time later Cairo found him and resurrected him. There after some talking he handed the artifact over to Cairo who smashed the gemstone on the gauntlet freeing the spectral army from its prison. After that the two parted ways.

Hatred's Bride[edit | edit source]


Hale a Paladin of the Zakarum after slaying a large demon in a forest hears the cries for help in the distance. He turnes and heads in the direction of the cries and comes upon a family that is fighting off Goatmen. The mother is dead while the daughter is over her. Meanwhile the father is standing guarding them both with a wooden pitchfork. The goatmen kill him while the daughter is watching. Shortly Hale stabs one from behind and slaughters the lot where they stood.

The survivor's name is Bay, and the paladin buries the family later and they head onward towards a Zakarum Church so they could keep watch over the child. Bay spoke to Hale about her father having arguements with a Zakarum priest in the past. She blamed her father for not listening to the priest so that they would have avoided what happened.

The two came to a rather tall structure that the Zakarum lived. The structure was a rather eerie place. Definitely did not look like a church at all let alone a place for people of their Faith. It looked rather dark and foreboding. They came to the door and a man opened. He looked more like a cultist than a holy priest of the light. The robed man took them to some rooms for the night. One for Hale and of course a room for Bay.

That night Hale was a sleep and had nightmares and faintly heard Bay calling for hale for help. When he arose he followed her voice until he came upon a room and a ritual was being performed. Bay was to be the sacrifice to Mephisto; their lord. Hale wasn't going to have any of it and ran in slaying everything he could. The High Priest ushered a spell and teleported himself and Bay away. Hale killed many but those that survived ran for their lives. Hale reached for a torch and burnt the place to the ground vowing that anything tied to the Zakarum and Mephisto would burn by his hand.

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