Adenah's Jottings

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Adenah's Jottings are found in her House of Curios which is a rare spawn structure in the Fields of Misery.

Only one of your characters needs to find the journal for you to be credited with it.

To find out which journals you have found so far go to your Achievements list (press Y) and check:

  • Campaign > Act I > A Quick Study

Adenahs jottings.jpg
Part 1 House of Curios

Part 1 is found in the House of Curios in the Fields of Misery in Act I. [e]
Part Text Found on Quest
1 These cowardly farmers have been leaving the fields for days now, but I'm not about to follow them. My home is here, and a few angry goatmen won't change that. Any

Farming for the House of Curios[edit | edit source]


  1. From the Quest No.6 The Broken Blade.
  2. Take the Waypoint from Tristram directly to the Fields of Misery.
  3. Leave the game and Resume Game to repeat if the house does not spawn.

Special Notes:

Associated Achievements[edit | edit source]

Adenah's Jottings is in some way involved in the following achievement(s).

Name Points Description Banner

<achievement type="single">A Quick Study</achievement>