Prophecies of the Final Day

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The Prophecies of the Final Day is a work of prophecies in Sanctuary. It's most likely located in one of the libraries of Caldeum, but exact information is currently unavailable.

Excerpt[edit | edit source]

"And a child will cradle Terror in his breast as the heart of man falls under the shadow.

A Wanderer will pass through the ancient lands trailing chaos in his wake.

The Three Brothers will be reunited as the mortal world trembles before their might.

And so it was foretold that the Three, once reunited, would be shattered again—

And the last of them would set his sights on the holy mount. The warnings held that

Their defeat would be illusory—that the final gambit had yet to be played..."

+ + +

And now at last the storm surges forth from the southlands, and the hand of Destruction

Reaches out to undo the workings of the Ancients. The tides of Hell surge—ready to smash

Down upon the shores of the mortal world—to drown the guilty and the innocent alike.

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