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The Pandemonium Fortress is an ancient fortress in Pandemonium that once contained The Worldstone. Archangel Tyrael saw its construction, and since then the fortress changed owners many times - some times under Angels, some times under Demons. Each of them added to its fortifications.The fortress is known to change in appearance according to who controls it, but according to Tyrael it has never been in its current state while under any Angelic control before.

In Reaper of Souls, Pandemonium Fortress is a 3-level dungeon. It is the last area before facing Malthael. The player enters it from The Ram after completing Breaching the Fortress quest. The map of the area is separated into various segments that you travel through. Red gateways known as Death Gates sometimes connect paths that are not directly attached,and throughout the area there are archways that at filled with electrical field that stun (and possibly freeze) as well as damage players if passed through.

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Checkpoints are respawn points. Players who die appear back at the last checkpoint they reached. Players can also leave the game and resume at the last checkpoint at a later date. In effect they are a 'save game' feature. The following Checkpoints appear in Pandemonium Fortress Level 2

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Waypoints are special plates on the ground that form a network of jump points allowing players to instantly teleport between them. The nearest waypoint for Pandemonium Fortress Level 2 appears

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Quotes said by classes or followers in this zone.

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History[edit | edit source]

Write about events that have taken place in this area in previous games, the impact it has on Diablo III. If any of the classes hail from this region make mention of that as well as any significant NPCs that may be connected to this zone.

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