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Demons is one of the four classifications of monsters in Diablo III. All monsters belong to one of the classifications in Diablo III, and certain spells or items are more effective against different types of monsters. This article also contains the lore information about Demons.

The classifications of monsters in Diablo III are:

For a full list of Demon monsters, check out the Demons Category. You can also go to the Diablo 2 Wiki to the find Diablo 2 Demons.

The Demon classification is for monsters originating from hell, or that is so infused with Darkness that they have ceased to be their "earthly" form, and truly become more at home in the Burning Hells than on the mortal realm of Sanctuary.

Demon monsters usually have a higher level of intelligence than Animals, and most of the Undead, but can still be just one in the line of canon fodder together with animals. Many demons act officers over lesser creations, and the Prime Evils are the greatest of them all.

There is a lot to learn from Demonic magic as well.