Protect and Serve

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Where: Stonefort Act III

Trigger: Speak with Lieutenant Lavail

Mob Details: Demonic Hell Bearer, Demon Trooper

Completion Details: Protect the soldiers raising the catapult.

Protect and Serve is a necessary event to proceed forward in Act III, taking place during the Turning the Tide quest. It's joined by Waiting for Reinforcements, Manual Override and Raising Recruits.

Shortly after the event begins, recruits will come filing in to man the catapult pulleys and begin raising it. A Demonic Hell Bearer will clamber up the walls on the south end of the area and begin spewing out Demon Troopers at a rate that is a bit faster than a standard hell bearer. The troopers still come out in groups of three, and they have low health and damage. The threat the troopers provide isn't meant for the player, however, as it is for the recruits. If a recruit dies, he will need to be replaced by another, slowing down the event.

Three more hell bearers will spawn in a counter-clockwise formation until all four have been brought up from the depths, gripping the walls and puking out demons. If the player is able to kill all of the hell bearers, the event will not end, but no more monsters will spawn.

Once the catapult has been fully raised, the event will automatically end.

Reward(s): Gold / Experience

Media[edit | edit source]

A video of the event: