Shadows in the Desert

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Shadows in the Desert is the first Act II quest in Diablo III and takes place mainly in the Howling Plateau. It's also where you are introduced to the third and final Follower, the Enchantress, Eirena.

Quest Information[edit | edit source]


Shadows in the Desert Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Hidden Footprints!

After getting the quest from Leah in the Hidden Camp head to Caldeum Bazaar and speak with Asheara. She will instruct you to go to the Khasim Outpost which you can reach by leaving the city through the north east gate and down the Sundered Canyon.

Before leaving the Hidden Camp check near Nek the Brawler, underneath the tent you should see Leah's Belongings. Inside that will be Leah's Journal, Part 8 which you need for the Judge of Character achievement.

Soon after you leave the city you will run into Eirena the Enchantress who agrees to accompany you.

In the short canyon you'll encounter Lacuni Huntresses and Sand Wasps and with their fireball and stinger missile attacks respectively they can overpower you fairly quickly, don't underestimate the quantity of simultaneous projectiles. At the end of the canyon, the enchantress will dispel the illusion of boulders created by the Cultists which blocks your path.

Disrupt the rituals

After speaking with the Iron Wolves continue through the Sundered Canyon and into the Howling Plateau. The Enchantress will keep referring to hidden footsteps; follow these footsteps to locate the two dungeons (Secret Altar and Hidden Conclave) to disrupt the rituals taking place there. These rituals are what prevents you from crossing the Black Canyon Bridge to Alcarnus.

Once into the Howling Plateau head right as the Secret Altar always appears on the right of the map, whereas the Hidden Conclave is north west which is also the way out of the area.

Both dungeons are similar scenarios with two or three Pain Mongers immediately challenging you and further in a group of Cultists performing a ritual on a poor Prisoner. These fights will be easy. Check the floor of the Secret Altar for Cain's Lost Satchel which will contain some lore in a satchel.

If you can disrupt both rituals within four minutes you will earn the achievement Hiding in Plain Sight. Although there is no in game clock you have four minutes from the time you accept the quest form Leah in the Hidden Camp to find and disrupt both of the rituals.

Possible locations of the Hidden Conclave and Secret Altar are indicated on the Howling Plateau map.

Once the rituals have been disrupted head north to the Black Canyon Bridge and speak again with the Enchantress and then it's onwards to The Road to Alcarnus.

Objectives in Brief[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Iron Wolf Jarulf
  • Disrupt the Hidden Conclave ritual*
  • Disrupt the Secret Altar ritual*
  • Go to the Black Canyon Bridge and speak to the Enchantress *

* Checkpoint reached around this stage in the quest. This means you can quit out and Resume your game at a later date and begin at this point - in effect it's a Save Game point.

Associated Achievements[edit | edit source]

Shadows in the Desert is in some way involved in the following achievement(s).

Name Points Description Banner
<achievement type="single">Hiding in Plain Sight</achievement><achievement type="single">The Black Soulstone</achievement>

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