Betrayer of the Horadrim

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Betrayer of the Horadrim is the sixth Act II quest and takes the player below Caldeum and up out into the Dahlgur Oasis for the first time.

Quest Information[edit | edit source]


Betrayer of the Horadrim Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Head straight to the Caldeum Bazaar and locate the manhole cover down to the Flooded Causeway. At the top edge of the room is Cain's Lost Satchel which will contain one of the Journals for Judge of Character achievement, if you haven't already collected all seven.

Tiny Path, useful Waypoint
You'll easily find Emperor Hakan II who opens a gate leading to the Ruined Cistern. This is a small level which won't prove too challenging although there's quite a bit of poison down there with Betrayed crawling out from under piles of decayed bodies and the Noxious Guardians can up the ante somewhat. There's another of Cain's Lost Satchels down here. Nothing else to see so find the ladder up to the Path to the Oasis.

The Path is literally just a short path that leads directly in to the Dahlgur Oasis but it does have the Waypoint at the beginning.

You need to locate The Forgotten Ruins where you'll find Zoltun Kulle's head. There is a challenge achievement available here. If you can find Kulle's head within 120 seconds you earn the achievement Got a Head.

Just inside the entrance to the ruins you'll see part one of the Hunter's Journal required for the Eavesdropper achievement. You can also find Cain's Lost Satchel down here, the contents of which are required for Judge of Character achievement.

Zoltun's Head
Cheesy does it

Once you collect Kulle's head a superunique Sand Monster called Ancient Guardian will appear. He can be a fairly powerful guy and he seems to follow you forever so it's not so easy to retreat to recuperate. Once he's dead he'll drop part 6 of the Hunter's Journal.

If you don't require the journal you can simply hop through the dungeon stone which is always nearby back to the Dahlgur Oasis before the guardian appears as his death isn't required to complete the quest.

There's a bit of a cheesey tactic possible for killing the Guardian, if he's proving difficult. If you run across one of the broken bridges he'll stay on the other side and you can blast him with projectiles, out of harms way.

Take Kulle's head back to Adria at the Hidden Camp. Zoltun Kulle will appear, resurrected and very pleased about it too.

Onwards to Blood and Sand quest.

Objectives in Brief[edit | edit source]

  • Find Kulle's head.
  • Return Kulle's head to Adria at Hidden Camp*
  • Listen to Kulle rejoice at being alive again*

* Checkpoint reached around this stage in the quest. This means you can quit out and Resume your game at a later date and begin at this point - in effect it's a Save Game point.

Associated Achievements[edit | edit source]

Betrayer of the Horadrim is in some way involved in the following achievement(s).

Name Points Description Banner
<achievement type="single">Got a Head</achievement>

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