The Precious Ores

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Where: Lost Mine, Fields of Misery, Act I

Trigger: Speaking to Tashun the Miner

Mob Details: Burrowing Leaper, Uninterred, Plague Carrier, Unburied, Quill Demon

Completion Details: Help Tashun the Miner find the riches in the Mine

Tashun the miner.jpg

On level two of the mine you'll run into Tashun. Somewhere on this level of the mine are precious metals and gemstones he would like you to help him find. You'll run into mostly Plague Nests spewing out Plague Carriers.

Often you'll run into a Rare monster or two and Champions. Sighted have been Gapewound the Unforgiven, a Champion leaper with Waller and Legion Filthpit, Champion Quill Fiend with Knockback.

Once you've found the sources of gems and metal he'll be willing to sell to you and buy and repair your items.

Reward(s): Gold / Experience / Merchant

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