Lost Treasure of Khan Dakab

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This page provides information on Lost Treasure of Khan Dakab[e] event.

Where: Tomb of Khan Dakab, Dahlgur Oasis, Act II

Trigger: Enter the Tomb of Khan Dakab

Mob Details: Vile Swarm, Electric Eel, Writhing Deceiver, Serpent Magus, Betrayed, Ghost

Completion Details: Open the treasure of Khan Dakab.

Lost Treasure of Khan Dakab.

This event contains one of the most extensive map tiles out of any in the game. It has a very distinct appearance and isn't easy to miss. The entrance is not initially open, as two levers (east and west) need to be activated in order to have the dungeon appear. There will be many snakemen enemies outside, near the levers, with electric eels in a large pool at the southern end. It isn't uncommon to see two or more elite packs in this area, grouped tightly together, and also there are many spawn points for elites outside the perimeter of the tile as well. Once the two levers are triggered, the player may enter the tomb. Near one of the triggers will be a backpack containing a lore entry, The Chamber of Faces.

Once inside, this event is nearly a carbon copy of the Sardar's Treasure event. The player is tasked with finding a lever to open the door to the tomb's vault, and the lever will be randomly placed in one of the corners of the dungeon. After the lever is released, the player may enter the tomb and open a considerably large chest containing the treasure. Outside the door to the tomb will be a backpack containing the lore entry The Last Will of Khan Dakab. After open the chest, Khan Dakab and other ghosts will spawn and attack the player. Like all other ghost-type monsters, they have a ranged slowing attack and are also able to teleport. Once they are dispatched, the event is complete.

Reward(s): Gold / Experience / Achievements

Name Points Description Banner
<achievement type="single">Lost Treasure of Khan Dakab</achievement><achievement type="single">Lost Treasure of Khan Dakab (Cooperative)</achievement>

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