Eternal War

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Where: Festering Woods Act I

Trigger: Click on the Nephalem Monument

Mob Details: Returned, Ghoul, Enraged Phantom, Enkidu

Completion Details: Defeat the enemies of the Nephalem spirits.

Eternal War

Upon clicking on the monument, a group of Nephalem apparitions spawn, and begin re-enacting their final battle. When the last nephalem gives a battle cry, ironically, they disappear, leaving the hero to clean up the mess.

The enemies come in waves. The first wave will be a few skeletal returned with ghouls. The second wave will be a larger number of ghouls. About four enraged phantoms will spawn with the third wave, along with an increasing number of ghouls. The phantoms are capable of hitting the player with a snare attack, slowing their movement speed, but the fighting area for this event is not very large.

In the last wave Enkidu, a superunique Ghoul will appear.

Once the third wave is complete, the event will automatically end.

Reward(s): Gold / Experience / Achievement

Nephalem Monument

The Monument[edit | edit source]

The monument, under normal circumstances, can be very hard to spot. It is simply a stone panel in the ground, with a similar colour composition to the rest of the Festering Woods. However, like for the Last Stand of the Ancients event, when a player is in close range to the stone, a yellow pinging marker will display on the minimap to inform the player that it is in the area.

Associated Achievements[edit | edit source]

Eternal War is in some way involved in the following achievement(s).

Name Points Description Banner
<achievement type="single">Eternal War</achievement><achievement type="single">Eternal War (Cooperative)</achievement>

Bounty[edit | edit source]

Eternal War can appear as a Bounty.






Blood Shards


Rift Keystone Fragments

7,308,000 54,320 2 1

Media[edit | edit source]

A video of the event: