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The Cursed Captives 'event' can be found in The Cursed Hold below the Highlands Passage in Act I. It can be achieved on The Imprisoned Angel quest.

It is not an event in the true sense but is an achievement that can be earned by completing it.

A Prisoner's Remains

If you are going back for this achievement at a time other than when you're doing the quest, 'take quest no.9 > The Cursed Hold at the quest selection screen and take the waypoint to the Halls of Agony, level 2.

You can usually make a run for the exit to the Highlands Passage from this level. You might also be able to complete A Reputation Restored event whilst there if Kyr the Weaponsmith is waiting for you in the Highlands Passage.

Once you've made your way to The Cursed Hold Queen Asylla will ask you to free the spirits of six prisoners which can be found in cells in the Hold. You can not clear the Hold of mobs before accepting the quest as the door is locked until you do so.

There is no timer to keep track of the two minutes.

The general layout of the Hold is always the same but the location of the prisoner remains and the entrances to the cells will be in different places. Making your way round the labyrinth to the doorways can eat away at the seconds so try to barge past as many mobs as you can. You only need to click on the remains and then you can run back out to find the next one; there's nothing to collect.

There are always 3 remains to the left of the entrance and 3 to the right as seen on the map.

If it's too difficult to do it on a level-appropriate difficulty you can always go back to normal difficulty and do it.

Cursed hold map.png Highlands passage map.png
The Cursed Hold map The Cursed Hold Location

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