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The Wheel of Misfortune is an achievement that can spawn in the Desolate Sands in Act II.

If an Ancient Device spawns in front of a platform breaking the device will cause one of ten things to happen. As the device will not always spawn it could take some time to work you way through the ten at which point you will earn the achievement.

Wheel of misfortune.jpg
  • The Veiled Treasure - a small dungeon with numerous Resplendent Chests inside will spawn, complete with elite packs. There is also a high probability of a Treasure Goblin spawning, as well.
  • The Fowl Lair - This dungeon contains an enemy that is most horrendous and revolting. With grease.
  • A pile of Diseased Bodies will spawn, which in turn will spawn a group of Betrayed.
  • A group of Bone Warriors will spawn (and can spawn as elites).
  • A group of Vile Swarms will spawn.
  • A plain treasure chest will appear, with a randomized drop.
  • A Resplendent Chest will spawn.
  • Gold will rain down in small doses, like that of the Countess's chest in Diablo II.
  • A Superunique Sand Golem named Ernutet, Guardian of the Veiled Treasure will spawn, along with two companions. He has the illusionist boss modifier.
  • An ancient urn will spawn. It breaks easily.
  • Nothing all appears on the platform.

Regardless of whichever scenario appears Garot's Corpse will always be the device with a satchel that will contain a copy of Lyndo's Journal, a requirement for the Judge of Character achievement.

Farming for the Wheel of Misfortune[edit | edit source]

Suggested route.


It's easiest to farm this in Adventure Mode.

  1. Restart the game over and over until Desolate Sands of Act II has the Bounty "The Ancient Devices".
  2. Each bounty run allows for activating the device four times!

It's much more difficult to collect the ten unique activations in Campaign Mode:

1. Set the Checkpoint

  1. Start quest #8 The Black Soulstone > Realm of Shadow.
  2. Teleport to the waypoint Archives of Zoltun Kulle.
  3. Head south-west and towards the exit to Desolate Sands.
  4. The Checkpoint is located right before the exit.

2. Repeat from the Checkpoint

  1. Take the exit to Desolate Sands.
  2. Head south-east to the end of the bridge.
  3. Head straight south to check if the ancient device is located at spawn #1.
  4. If it's not there:
    1. Teleport to the waypoint Desolate Sands using the map.
    2. Head a little bit north to check if the ancient device is located at spawn #2.
      It's just a very short walk until you see the stairs that lead to the device (if it's there).
    3. If it's not there:
      1. Use the waypoint and teleport to Hidden Camp. That teleportation is instant. Don't use the map or a city portal.
  5. Leave the game. That's also instant if done from Hidden Camp.
  6. Resume the game, go back to the checkpoint and try again.

Special Notes:

  • Don't worry if the waypoint Desolate Sands is sometimes far away from spawn #2. If the ancient device is located at spawn #2 then the waypoint is usually located directly south of it.
  • Try to remember how the area around the waypoint Desolate Sands looks like when the ancient device is there (i.e. at spawn #2), and when it's not there. With a little practice you can tell whether it's there even without having to move away from the waypoint to check for the stairs.
  • If you can already see the waypoint on the minimap while checking out spawn #1 then there's likely no ancient device at spawn #2 so you can just skip it and leave the game immediately for the next try.

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Media[edit | edit source]

A video showing each outcome of the ancient device:

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