Crazy Climber

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Crazy Climber

Where: Rakkis Crossing Act III

Trigger: Speak with Private James

Mob Details: Winged Molok, Demon Raider, Demonic Hell Bearer, Blood Clan Spearman, Fallen Soldier

Completion Details: Bring the spyglass to Lieutenant Gryffith.

The Rakkis Crossing bridge has a static map, and this event always takes place on the same portion. It doesn't always spawn, however. Seeing James' cowering body on the ground with an exclamation mark tells the player the event has spawned.

Private James was attempting to scout out a tower on Rakkis Crossing along with his lieutenant when they were waylaid by demons. The player likely noticed a few on the way there. Private James asks you to bring the spyglass to Lieutenant Gryffith at the top of the tower, presumably so he can see if there's demons around the place. It's unknown why he would need a spyglass for this.

Ascend the stairs to begin. At times, a small group of Blood Clan spearman will be in the interior of the tower, who are easily dealt with. Moving forward, to the exterior portion of the tower, a group of elite Winged Moloks will spawn and immediately attack the player. They spawn on a small cleft as soon as the player exits the doorway to the outside. The moloks can be problematic for a couple of reasons. The player must face them, whether they go up the stairs, stay in position, or retreat to the interior of the tower, in a very confined space. This makes fighting them with modifiers such as Arcane Enchanted or molten a bit of a tactical issue. In addition, if the player prematurely begins to go up the stairs on the exterior, a demonic hell bearer will appear and begin spitting out demon troopers within a moment, adding more monsters to what could be a difficult fight. The elite group that spawns will be random and difficulty appropriate, meaning in normal they will have one boss modifier, two in nightmare, three in hell, and four in Inferno.

Ascending the stairs, if the player did not trigger this during the molok battle, will be a hell bearer and demon troops to quickly dispatch. Lieutenant Gryffith will be at the very top of the tower, and the event ends with handing him the spyglass so he can apparently better see the massive demon army that is all around him. He never gets the chance to use the mystical spyglass, as a molok will descend from the skies, picking him up and killing him. Event complete!

Reward(s): Gold / Experience / Achievement

Name Points Description Banner
<achievement type="single">Crazy Climber</achievement><achievement type="single">Crazy Climber (Cooperative)</achievement>

Media[edit | edit source]

A video of the event: