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Knockback is an effect in Diablo III that causes the target of a successful hit to be shoved backwards for some distance. There are numerous skills, items, monster abilities, and more that cause knockback, and the distance of the knockback varies greatly between different sources and targets.

Knockback often includes a short stun effect, so targets are briefly debuffed after being knocked back.

Knockback is often found as a modifier on items, though in very small amounts. A +1-2% chance of knockback is the usual amount.

Character Skills that Knockback[edit | edit source]

The following skills have some percent chance of knockback. This will shove monsters back some set distance (often specified in the skill description) which varies by the skill or rune effect from just a few yards up to 30 or 40 yards in distance.


Demon Hunter:


Witch Doctor:


Monsters with Knockback[edit | edit source]

Various monsters have the potential of dealing knockback with some of their attacks. This is not equivalent to the Knockback provided by the special Boss Modifier, which causes a much greater effect. That affix is covered further down this article.

A partial list:

  • Grotesque can cause knockback with their body spike attack.
  • Cultist Berserkers knockback with their huge hammer strikes.
  • Fallen Overseers knockback with their leaping, two-handed overhead polearm smash.
  • Naga snake demons can cause knockback with their spear attacks.
  • Colossal Golgor knockback with their double hammer attack.

Knockback Elite Affix[edit | edit source]

Vampiric Knockback Morlu Caster.

Knockback is a Boss Modifier available to Champions and Bosses, as well as their minions. During development it caused just a short stumble back, but upon release Knockback became a very powerful hit that would hurl a character or pet back nearly to the edge of the screen, a good 30 or 40 yards in the game's scale of distance.

In addition to the movement, knockback causes a short disorienting debuff to hit targets, which slows their movement (but not attack speed) for a second or so after the strike.

This property is amusing early in the game, when small Elites with limited damage can send characters or pets flying across the entire screen with a successful hit. The property can actually be helpful to ranged attackers, as the impact may knock them back out of range, giving them space to shoot safely. It's more dangerous in dungeons and tight areas where the knockback doesn't actually create a safe space between the character and monsters, and players are slowed and vulnerable to damaging Elite Affixes for a second.


  • Monster Level Minimum: 1
  • Available to: Champions, Bosses, and boss minions.
  • Damage Type: Standard.
  • Additional Resistances: None.
  • Can Not Spawn With: Vortex, Nightmarish, or Jailer.