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The Lacuni (or panther men[1]) are beings that live in desert and mountain regions, especially in the Borderlands and in the Aranoch desert. Lacuni are commonly referred to as "cat people" by the D3 Team, for obvious visual reasons, since they are the Eastern continent version of the Lacuni found in the desert of Act Two in Diablo 2.

Sub Types[edit | edit source]

Act II

  • Lacuni Huntress
  • Lacuni Slasher
  • Lacuni Stalker
  • Lacuni Warrior


  • Wintersbane Huntress
  • Wintersbane Stalker

Lacuni Huntress[edit | edit source]

Lacuni Huntress

<mob acr="4541">Lacuni Huntress</mob>

Lacuni Slasher[edit | edit source]

Lacuni Slasher

<mob>lacuni slasher</mob>

Lacuni Stalker[edit | edit source]

Lacuni Stalker

<mob acr="160533">Lacuni Stalker</mob>

Lacuni Warrior[edit | edit source]

Lacuni Warrior

<mob acr="4550">Lacuni Warrior</mob>

Wintersbane Huntress[edit | edit source]

Wintersbane Huntress
  • Appear in Act III - Caverns of Frost
  • A very long very fast ranged leap attack with physical swipe as she lands.
  • Ranged Firebomb attack.

<mob acr="4548">Wintersbane Huntress</mob>

Wintersbane Stalker[edit | edit source]

Wintersbane Stalker
  • Appear in Act III - Caverns of Frost (1)
  • Lacuni Combo Slash is a ferocious double sword attack which he performs whilst somersaulting. As he lands he performs another dual sword attack. You can back off whilst he's somersaulting to avoid getting hit by the final slices.

<mob>wintersbane stalker</mob>

Named Lacuni[edit | edit source]

Superunique versions of Lacuni have a chance of spawning in the following areas:

Act II

Lore[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

The Lacuni tribes are indigenous inhabitants of Sanctuary, as opposed to the magically created Khazra (goatmen). They have been hostile towards humans for many hundred years, and no source of information tells of a time when humans and Lacuni lived in peace.

Well over 400 years ago, they were considered such a problem for Caldeum that the great military city of Lut Bahadur was built to keep the Lacuni safely away from Caldeum.

As more entries of the Writings of Abd al-Hazir are published, we hope to get more insight into the Lacuni.

Lacuni History Speculation[edit | edit source]

Encyclopedia Sanctuaria[2] mentions the Lacuni as "once found only in the jungle environments of Kehjistan, trading freely with the cities there."

According to Encyclopedia Sanctuaria, they have always been considered somewhat "aloof and untrustworthy," but never before behaved in a threatening manner toward human society. This aggressive attitude apparently started about the same time as Diablo travelled west, over the Aranoch desert when they started raiding whole caravans upon.

Whether Encyclopedia Sanctuaria or the Writings of Abd al-Hazir are conflicting, or just describing different sites of their evolution remains to be seen. The Lacuni closer to Caldeum obviously disliked human society from the start, or at the very least, the last 400 odd years.

Diablo II[edit | edit source]

Read more about the Lacuni of Diablo II.

References[edit | edit source]

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Gallery[edit | edit source]