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The Deckard Cain GPS Voice Pack is one of two Deckard Cain "Easter Eggs" (or jokes). There's also the Deckard Cain Rap from when Diablo II was new. The GPS Voice Pack is from 1st April 2010, a joke by Blizzard. It's voiced by the normal Cain voice: Michael Gough

Deckard Cain GPS Voice Pack[edit | edit source]

Hello my friend. Fasten your seatbelt and listen.
That red light up ahead marks a place of grave danger. Do not stop! [acceleration sounds and a crash]
In four point two miles, turn right, on Lincoln. Then move to the left lane to prepare for a turn on to Hay Street. Your destination will be a half-mile on the right. I remember there was a bard named Hays who used to trouble Ogden for soup and boarding in the summer months.
Ogden had a rule about minstrels that went back 20 years to when Baerna ran the inn. Baerna was a cruel inkeep but a fine cook. Not a soul in Westmarch would disagree.
A case could be made that Westmarch created the notion of Frontier Cousine from the first days of Zakarum's push into that region.
Not that the followers of Akarat knew what would come from their expansion into the West. No, the impact of that campaign would not be understood for generations, yes.
In the harvest months, the sun hangs so low, it can hardly be used to mark the cardinals. You might be better off looking for the moss, growing on the north side of trees. But certainly not from a moving vehicle.
And certainly, some mosses are known to grow on any of a tree's basing, outside the temperate zone,.. oh... You've missed your turn! [Break sounds].
Our travels together are at an end, my friend. You've reached your destination.

Canonity[edit | edit source]

This is clearly a joke, but some of the stuff Deckard Cain is actually saying here sounds pretty genuine, and might just as well be so. Unless proof of the opposite is revealed, we'll go with this for now.

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