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Rick Seis joined Blizzard North in 1994 as one of the company's first employees. He served as a senior programmer on Diablo I and was the Lead Programmer for Diablo II. Rick became the company's Director of Technology, and was a key contributor to the programming of the Blizzard North version of Diablo III. He was promoted to the Project Lead in 2003, after the departure of the "big four" and numerous other long time Blizzard North employees.

Rick continued to lead the Diablo III project at Blizzard North until the studio was shuttered in mid-2005, whereupon he (like most of the Blizzard North employees) choose to leave Blizzard Entertainment rather than moving to Irvine.

In 2005 Rick joined a number of other ex-Blizzard North employees at Castaway Entertainment. [1]

REDWOOD CITY, CA – September 6, 2005 - Castaway Entertainment is proud to announce that former Blizzard North studio lead Rick Seis has accepted the position of Technical Director and lead programmer for their current unannounced project.

Castaway ran out of funding and shut down in 2008, before completing their initial title, which was later revealed to be a game called Djinn.[2]

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