Diablo II: The Awakening

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Diablo II: The Awakening is a DnD adaptation of Diablo II as a PnP RPG released in 2000 authored by Bruce R. Cordell and Mike Selinker.

Background[edit | edit source]

Front cover of The Awakening.

This roleplaying game was released as part of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2 ruleset before Diablo II itself was released. Since the game was released later, it includes content not available in the PC game.

Among other interesting facts, the Dark Wanderer is named as Qarak, the last surviving member the Order of the Gauntlet, an order of adventurers.

The validity of this information, and whether or not is canon is unknown, but Blizzard have said all previous official sources of information are canon with the exceptions of any retcons.

This one is different than the other DnD products for Diablo II, however, since it's for the ADnD 2 system rather than DnD 3.

Game Summary[edit | edit source]

This is what RPG.net has to say about it: [1]

This action-packed epic takes the world of the Diablo II computer game and translates it into the ultimate AD&D adventure. You can create AD&D heroes with a Diablo twist or use heroes from any AD&D campaign, then send them off to challenge terrors once found only on a computer screen. The adventure starts in Tristram, the battleground of the original Diablo game, where Diablo, Lord of Terror, rules a legion of demons. There, the heroes explore the mysterious Monastery - full of dangers and challenges pulled right from Diablo but enhanced for your tabletop game!
Notes on This Edition
128 pages.

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