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Mythos was a game under development by a division of Flagship Studios commonly called "Flagship Seattle". An online RPG, similar in style to the Diablo games, the game was used to test the networking technology behind the multiplayer component of Hellgate: London.

Background[edit | edit source]

A Mythos gremlin.

It was expected to be free to play and download, although the financing model was never set in stone. Following the layoffs at Flagship Studios due to the financial issues, the intellectual property rights over Mythos have now been claimed by the Korean company HanbitSoft, which was offered as collateral for loans earlier in the year. Additionally, Mythos lead designer Travis Baldree and Flagship Studios co-founder Max Schaefer have subsequently formed the new game company Runic Games along with the remaining staff of 14 behind the game from Flagship Seattle.

Runic Games developed the Diablo clone action RPG Torchlight.

Rebirth[edit | edit source]

Frogster revealed on 7 July 2010 they will be bringing the game to Europe early 2011 with a Beta test kicking off before the end of 2010.[1]

Frogster will expand Mythos with new content and features in cooperation with the Korean publisher to help keep the game fresh, something they know a lot about from their work on Runes of Magic.

The free to play RPG will be released in Europe in five languages which will include Turkish, German and English. The addition of Turkish is the first title to be translated by Frogster for signalling their entry into the Turkish market.

Frogster's Chief Licensing Officer Andreas Weidenhaupt added: "The premature dropping of Mythos before its release was a real loss for the genre. That's why we're really pleased to finally bring the game to Europe. We're not just going to meet the expectations of the game's fans - we're going to surpass them!"

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