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Blizzard sells t-shirts through the Blizzard Store for all of their games, though the variety and styles are limited. They sell a much wider variety of designs and patterns through their clothing marketing partners, such as Jinx.

Each year at Blizzcon numerous limited edition merchandise items are offered, including t-shirts for all of their games. Starting in 2010, the Blizzcon only items were also offered for online sale, but only to fans who had bought a Blizzcon ticket or Direct TV Virtual Pass. The 2010 Diablo-themed items can be seen here.

Blizzard's Diablo III Shirts

Diablo III Logo T-shirt

The first Diablo III t-shirt was from Blizzard, and it was a plain black shirt with the Diablo III logo on the front and a plain back, with the Blizzard logo small on the neck. These shirts remain on sale via the Blizzard store, in men's or women's styles. The design is identical for both genders, but the women's shirt is fitted around the waist with shorter sleeves.

The Butcher T-shirts

The first Butcher t-shirt was sold only at BlizzCon 2009. It is not a Diablo I or Diablo II shirt; it's a retro-style, nostalgia-rich t-shirt with the Diablo I monster that was newly-created by the Diablo III team.


A second Butcher t-shirt with a totally different design was revealed during the Blizzard merchandise panel at the 2011 San Diego Comic con.[1] Only this small image has been revealed yet, and there is no price or ordering information available.

Numerous fans took this shirt as a good reason to speculate that the Butcher will return as a monster in Diablo III. There are some pieces of concept art that look very much like this antelope-horned Butcher in Cain's Journal.

Red Witch Doctor T-shirt

This shirt was sold only at Blizzcon 2010, plus pre-show online sales to ticket holders.

Jinx Diablo III Shirts

The first Diablo III shirt from Jinx featured Diablo's fiery head in a very non-linear design. This shirt is available in men's or women's sizes, with an identical design on each.

Women's T-Shirt

Men's T-Shirt

Diablo III Team T-shirts

Blizzard regularly makes merchandise that's only for the developers working on game projects. These are usually just t-shirts (black Blizzard t-shirts and jeans are the unofficial Blizzard employee uniform), but sometimes more creative items are created. The coolest one thus far known was the Diablo II hockey jersey made for Blizzard North employees back in 2000, but the Diablo III team has had some cool shirts as well.

Rainbow Level T-shirts

The D3 Team had some fun with the Art Controversy at Blizzcon 2008, with freshly-made t-shirts in powder blue, with rainbows and unicorns and happy clouds for a graphic. These shirts were exclusively an item for the Diablo III development team, and have never been sold to the public.

A knock off of the shirt was created by Nerdy Shirts and went on sale a few months later, but was swiftly and predictably nuked by Blizzard Legal.

The original t-shirt returned as a salable item at Blizzcon 2011[2]. The design appears to be identical to the ones the developers wore in 2008.