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Role Playing Games or RPGs as they are also called used to be the description of pen and paper games played in many young boys' basements, killing imaginary monsters with imaginary swords and spells.

RPG in PC & Video Games[edit | edit source]

Today the term mostly refer to PC games or video games where a player is in control of one or more characters, who over time grows stronger through "experience" gains, increases in skills and find better equipment to defeat stronger enemies. It's rarely much to do with actual "role playing" any more.

While there are some games who are more closely related to "traditional" roleplaying, like Baldur's Gate, and many other games by BioWare, these are now usually called Computer Roleplaying Games, or "CRPGs".

The Diablo RPG Variant[edit | edit source]

The Diablo games are classified as "Action RPGs", and has an even thinner slice of character improvement and management, and further focus on killing monsters. More action and less management has proven to be very popular.

Diablo Roleplaying Game[edit | edit source]

Despite the fact Diablo is more of an "ARPG", there is a traditional Diablo pen and paper RPG, set in the DnD ruleset, applying traditional PnP RPG concepts.