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The Diablo Poker Set was offered for sale exclusively at Blizzcon 2010 and through the Blizzard store to Blizzcon ticket holders. It includes a deck of cards with custom artwork, poker chips, dice, and more, and comes in a custom carrying case.

The set was introduced in a short movie narrated by and starring Blizzard artist Mike Nicholson. [1]

Card Artwork[edit | edit source]

The full set on display.

While the whole set is nifty, the artwork on the cards was of most interest to Diablo III fans, since it could not be seen clearly in the video. Thankfully, once the sets were shipped out fans were able to get a better look, and a Diii.net forum user named Glass posted high quality scans of all the cards. [2] They can be seen below, in the gallery, and the artwork reveals some interesting groupings of characters on the face cards. See those below, in the gallery.

Game Quotes[edit | edit source]

There are a number of quotes of famous speeches by characters, NPCs, and lore books from Diablo I, Diablo II, and Diablo II written across some of the cards.

  • 23 Spades: The time has come to cleanse my homeland
  • 456 Spades: I will make weapons from your bones
  • 678 Spades: My blade sings for your blood Mortal
  • A23 Diamonds: The the beast contained herein shall not be set free, not even by you
  • 4567 Diamonds: It has raged and burned longer than any of the stars in the sky
  • 456 Clubs: East always into the East
  • 678 Clubs: Out of darkness out of mind
  • 34 Hearts: Not even death can save you from me
  • 567 Hearts: Shadows move where light should be

Mysteries Remain[edit | edit source]

Though all of the quotes and most of the figures are known, some of the artwork remains unknown, as of January 2011.

  • Why is “judge” written on Tyrael?
  • The King of Clubs artwork was released as a "Caldeum noble," long before the poker set, but his name and role in the game is unknown.

Gallery[edit | edit source]