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Thousands of games made for PC or video games have been created, and it's a massive industry. However, most games have no relation to the Diablo games, which is what this article is for.

Diablo-Related Games[edit | edit source]

It's not only Diablo clones that relates to the Diablo games, many games have either worked as inspiration to Diablo, or being inspired by the famous ARPG game.

It's not only electronic games that are included here, however, Pen and Paper RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons have also contributed. In fact, DnD is a game that many senior Blizzard developers have played or are playing. Blizzard said formal honours when Gary Gygax, the creator of DnD passed away.

Game-Related Topics[edit | edit source]

When talking about games in general, we also talk about topics or ideas that relate to games, which in turn often also relates to the Diablo games. Things like fansites, genres, fan art, developers and other topics sometimes relate more to games than Diablo, but they all interconnect.

Goal of DiabloWiki[edit | edit source]

DiabloWiki's goal when it comes to games other than the Diablo games is to add small, informative articles for each game and each game developer that has any impact on Diablo or it's community. In addition it will also have small articles about other Blizzard and Blizzard-related games as they can be of interest to the Diablo community.

With game-related topics, the goal is the same. Informative but brief articles on game-related articles that at least in some way relates to the Diablo franchise. A reasonable connection needs to be made, but we're generally not going to delete off-topic articles, as long as they are not spam.

List of Games[edit | edit source]

The full list of games is located in the Games category:

You can also pick any games from the navigation below. If any game that there is an article for (read Goal of DiabloWiki above) is not on the navigation, please click "[e]" on the navigation and add it to the list in alphabetical order.