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Travis Day joined the Diablo 3 team in 2012 after eight years working on World of Warcraft. He soon moved to the Reaper of Souls team and is a designer on that expansion pack. Travis spoke on the Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls panels at Blizzcon 2013 and gave numerous interviews as well, and is key designer working on Loot 2.0
Travis Day.
and the other changes to the item system.

Coincidentally, another game developer named Travis Day works for Activision, Blizzard's parent company, and this has led to some cases of mistaken identity.[1]

Travis Introduces Himself[edit | edit source]

Travis first announced his presence on the Diablo 3 team in early March 2013 with a lengthy post detailing many of the issues with Diablo 3 and the dev team's planned fixes.[2] He followed that up most posts mainly addressing some Witch Doctor issues, then contributed an article about planned changes to items.[3] [4]

A few days later, on May 7, 2013, he offered a semi-official introduction:[5]

Wait wait, who’s Travis Day?

That would be me.

Just wanted to pop in real fast to try to set the record straight since I’ve seen some confusion surrounding that question. I’m not the same Travis Day that works at Activision, though I do occasionally get emails intended for him and we have had some laughs over that in the past. I’ve been a game designer at Blizzard for about 8 years. I used to work on World of Warcraft, some of you may have seen me at early Blizzcons on WoW panels. I transferred to the Diablo team because, like the rest of the development team, I am passionate about the game and wanted to help contribute to making it even better.

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