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The Nephalem were the first inhabitants of Sanctuary, children of an Angel called Inarius and a Demon called Lilith.

The salvage cube in Diablo III is officially called the Nephalem Cube, as revealed[1] in April 2011. This seems to suggest that that the Nephalem will somehow figure in the storyline of Diablo III.

History[edit | edit source]

The Nephalem were the first humans upon Sanctuary, created as a result of the union between Angels and Demons. The creation process is unknown, although it is for certain completely unlike human procreation.

Such a Celestial union granted the Nephalem great power. So great was their potential that the demon Lilith attempted to use their power to build an army. Inarius put an end to her malicious designs and used the Worldstone to diminish the power of the Nephalem. Such is the curse upon the Nephalem that each successive generation also loses power. In fact, only the first generation have kept their full potential.

The lives of very few individual Nephalem have been recounted throughout the history of Sanctuary, and it is only those few who are now known by name.

Known Nephalem[edit | edit source]

Nephalem Descendants[edit | edit source]

Ancients as Nephalem[edit | edit source]

The "Ancient Ones", or the Ancients, have been associated with the "spirits of the nephalem." Whether they really are spirits of the Nephalem, or perhaps these are Nephalem descendants (and they are spirits of them) is unknown. The powers of Madawc seem to indicate he has some sort of Nephalem connection.

Nephalem in Diablo III[edit | edit source]

Players are introduced to the Nephalem through the NPC named Alaric, who sends the player on a quest in three nephalem-related (and infested) dungeons, near the middle of Act I.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Nephalem comes from the biblical mythology of the Nephilim.

Chinese Translation[edit | edit source]