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Caverns of Frost Location

Chiltara is a Unique (purple) Lacuni huntress who only appears in the Caverns of Frost dungeon below the Fields of Slaughter in Act III. Chiltara is a much-farmed enemy as the only source for two different legendary materials, and may drop a third as well.

Chiltara follows a freezing theme, and has the Frozen Elite Affix, which creates small ice grenades that explode after a second, dealing a freezing effect to anything in their blast radius. She is also highly resistant to cold-based attacks.

Legendary Materials[edit | edit source]

  • The Gibbering Gemstone, one of the materials required to craft the Staff of Herding, which is required to enter the Whimsyshire secret level. (Only one of these is required for the staff, per account.)
  • Frozen Blood, a legendary material required to create Utar's Roar, a crafted legendary one-handed axe. (One of these is required for each craft of the Axe, which may require multiple rolls to spawn at the desired quality.)
  • Urn of Quickening, a legendary material required to craft the Kethryes' Splint legendary bracers. This material may be dropped by any Unique Lacuni huntress, including Chiltara.

Chiltara is a very rare spawn and may require many farming runs to find and to secure the desired legendary material from. Thankfully, the drop rates for legendary materials are calculated independently, as sort of an "add on" drops, rather than either/or items that would compete for drop priority. [1]

Grimiku: The Gibbering Gemstone does not compete with the Legendary crafting materials that Chiltara can drop, so finding a Frozen Blood (or an Urn of Quickening) won't keep you from having a chance at finding the stone.


Associated Achievements[edit | edit source]

Chiltara is associated with the following achievement:

Name Points Description Banner
<achievement type="single">Never Seen that Before</achievement>