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Stub sm.jpg The Black Hand Mage is not an official monster: It's a fan monster. Author(s) of the article are:

Diablo III Monster[edit source]

Diablo III Monster [e]
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Black Hand Mage
Classification: Mage
Monster Family: Black Hand Magi
Role: Unknown
Monster Stats
Life: Unknown
Mana: None
Armor: Light
Resistance: Some percent to all /and magical/
Armament: Magic Staff
DPS: Unknown
Low Damage: Unknown
High Damage: Unknown
Range: Caster
Speed: Unknown
Movement: Medium
Monster Modifiers
Veskin7 Bukito
Found In
Various areas

Includes: Black Hand Magi wear a hood that hides their face in a magical shadow. They wear the symbol of the Black Hand on their chest - a black hand with an eye in its palm. The hood and the robe are bloody red. The robe has golden edges. The shoulder leather and the cloak are dark bloody red. The belt is dark bloody red with golden locker. The middle belt tunic with the runic symbols is bloody red with golden edge. The side belt tunics with runic symbols are golden. The boots are dark bloody red. The staff is wooden with a shiny ruby on top of it - it glows in red. The lightning around his left hand is violet.

  • Height - 1,8 meters.
  • The staff has the same length - 1,8 metres.

Items Dropped[edit source]

They drop good items of all kind and gold too.

Experience[edit source]

Black Hand Mages give good experience when you kill them for the first time.

Spells and Abilities[edit source]

Every Black Hand Mage possesses different skills. That allows them to make team combinations. One Black Hand Mage possesses two obligatory skills and up to five skills selected from the listed below.

The obligatory skills are:

  • Invisibility

They become invisible and are able to move while invisible. When they attack they become visible again.

  • Dark Shield

A transparent magical shield that absorbs percents of both magical and physical damage. When the shield is down they try to cast it as soon as possible.

They also possess up to five different skills selected from the listed below:

  • Dark Electrocute

Similar to the Electrocute skill of the Wizard. The difference is that the lightning is purple. It also drains and steals the victim's mana slowly.

  • Magic Web

The black Hand Mage raises his staff and a spider net that glows in dark red appears around the victim. The victim cannot attack and move while in the web. the web lasts up to 4 seconds and fades away. This skill has a cooldown of 10 seconds so the Black Hand Mage can't use it all the time. The Magic web also slowly steals the victim's mana and gives it to the Black Hand Mage.

  • Low Defence Curse

When there's a Dark Venom with them, the Black Hand Mages cast this curse to lower your character's defence for a while.

  • Double Damage Curse

This curse doubles the damage of both physical and magical attacks. Different from the Necromancer curse.

  • Iron Maiden Curse

The classical Iron Maiden curse.

  • Dark Firewall

This is a little different from the classical Firewall. The flames are purple and it damages your character and steals his mana and gives it to the Black Hand Mage.

  • Meteor

This meteor falls faster and gives you some time to escape, but if you react slowly your character will be damaged by the explosion. After the explosion the ground below burn in flames.

  • Dark Fireball

The Black Hand Mage casts a purple fireball that flies straight and explodes with a big area of effect. The ground ignites and burn for a while. This fireball also burns the mana of your character.

  • Fire Breath

The Black Hand Mage points with his staff to your character and flames come out of it trying to swallow him. This spell has limited range. The Fire Breath lasts from 1 to 4 seconds /varies/.

  • Pyrokinesis

The Black Hand Mage raises his staff or hand and causes an explosion in your character's body followed by his ignition. He burns like a torch for a while and takes damage per second.

  • Dark Lightning Strike

The Black Hand Mage raises his hand/staff and a purple lightning strikes his opponent from above. It also burns the opponent's mana.

  • Teleport

The classical Teleport spell. The Black Hand Mage uses it to evade attacks and to hide when his health is low.

  • Stun Blast

It is a powerful blast that stuns your character for a while.

  • Dark Magic Missile

Like the Wizard skill, but the missile is purple and deals some damage and also steals your character's mana and gives it to the mage.

  • Frost Nova

The classical spell.

  • Dark Frosen Orb

Like the classical spell but it also steals your character's mana.

  • Dark Nova

Like the classical Nova spell /lightning/, but it is purple and also steals mana.

  • Poison Nova

Like the classical Poison nova.

  • Dark Bone Spear and Dark Bone Spirit

Like the classical spells, but they shine in purple and steal mana too.

  • Fire Golem

Like the classical Fire Golem but it is bigger and stronger.

  • Suicide Explosion

In desperate times when there is no escape the Black hand Mage decides to take your character with him. His body ignites and burn like a torch while running to your character. When he reaches you, he explodes in huge flames causing a lot of damage. Run away to evade him.

  • Heal

The Black hand mages heal themselves or each other by casting a bright bolt of energy. This spell has a cooldown and cannot be used all the time.

  • Healing Nova

Looks like Nova, but it has healing effect on caster and his allies. The Black Hand Mage casts this spell sometimes because it has big cooldown.

  • Dark Bone Prison

Like the Necromancer skill /or Diablo's skill/, but the bones shine in purple and steal your mana when you hit them.

  • Different Demon Summoning Skills

Black Hand Mages can summon different demons. When the demon is summoned he glows for a while like shadow and after that he materialises. If you kill the mage while the demon is still in the glow, you will interrupt his summoning and he will die.

  • Metal Spikes

The Black Hand Mage raises his hand and sharp metal spikes, 1 meter long, pop up from the ground under your character. The spikes damage you every time you pass trough them.

  • Black Hand Aura

When activated this aura makes your character's skill points lower. The more powerful the aura, the more lowering the skills. If your skills are level one, they remain level one.

  • Black Hand Curse

When casted the Black Hand symbol with dark red flames appears above the victim's head. This spell lowers your skill points, your defence, your dexterity and your resistances. It is meant to be the nastiest curse in the game.

These are the skills. You can add some more unique skills too, because I couldn't invent more. Please remember that the Black Hand Mages possess two obligatory skills - Invisibility and Dark Shield and up to five skills selected from the listed.

Background[edit source]

Black Hand Magi - the members of the Black Hand order. Information about them among common people is only rumors. The church of Zakarum and the Vizjerean mages know about them and they both claim their order and their methods as completely forbidden. They don't like even talking about them. But they have a detailed description of the Black Hand Order in their secret books.

The Black Hand Magi use dark magics that other magi feel afraid to use because of the destructive sequels. They follow the doctrine of the Black Hand - it gives them limitless dark power and deadly skills that no one possesses. To become a Black Hand Mage, you have to make a big sacrifice - you have to give up your face and it remains forever hidden under the magical shadow of the hood. Black Hand Magi recognize each other by seeing the aura of their likes. They also often use telepathy to communicate.

Black Hand Magi move in groups of three four or five /up to five/. They can be met in dungeons, buildings, forests, swamps, mountains - everywhere. They stalk their enemies by becoming invisible and appear together to attack. They always try to keep a distance from their enemies. They cast different spells aggressively. When their life is in danger they become invisible again and run around a corner where they heal themselves.

Black Hand Magi have unified with the Dark Venoms. They often move together - one Dark Venom with an escort of one, two or three Black Hand Magi.

  • Height - 1,8 meters.
  • The staff has the same length - 1,8 meters.

When a Black Hand Mage die, he falls to the ground and drops his items. After that his body ignites and burn in flames that are up to 2 meters high. The flames can hurt you. The body burns for a while and turns into ashes.

Development[edit source]

Notes from development of monster. Might have changed between games, or during Alpha/Beta/Release stages.

  • Appearance
  • Concepts
  • How the unit evolved

Media[edit source]

You can find pictures in the Diablo 3 screenshot and picture gallery:

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