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Rainbow Goblin in-game.

The Rainbow Goblin (or RG) is a rarely-seen, rainbow-colored version of the Treasure Goblin. Rainbow goblins drop gold and items and behave exactly as a normal Goblin does. Their special attribute is a chance to create a rainbow portal when they die, which lets players enter Whimsydale, a special version of the Whimyshire secret easter egg level.

Whimsydale is exactly the same as Whimsyshire in content and appearance; the names differ since it's not the same area and thus a player can enter the Rainbow Portal and enter Whimsyshire in the same game.

  • See the rainbows article for a short history of the Art Controversy and the Rainbow meme in Diablo 3, which inspired Whimsyshire and later, the Rainbow Goblin.

Rewards and Details[edit | edit source]

Rainbow Portal left by a RG.

Rainbow Goblins are much rarer than normal Treasure Goblins, and can only open a rainbow portal, never a golden portal to Greed's Domain. Their chance to open a Rainbow Portal upon death is random, and not increased by letting the Goblin live for longer, or killing it while it is standing with the escape portal already open.

Like all Treasure Goblin types, Rainbow Goblins are classified as Demons and are Elites, and will thus take additional damage from items with bonuses to Demon or Elite damage. They will also refresh buffs triggered by killing Elites, such as the Bane of the Powerful legendary gem.

Rainbow Goblins drop exactly like normal Treasure Goblins, leaking gold and occasional items as they run, and then a loot fountain of gold, items, gems, and materials upon death. They very rarely produce a legendary item, but are good sources of rare items, crafting materials, and gems.

Rainbow Goblins spawn in all areas of the game, including Nephalem Rifts where they may be part of larger Goblin packs. Like all Goblins, they will not appear in Greater Rifts, though.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Selected images of Rainbow Goblins in-game. See the main Treasure Goblin article for more details and artwork of Treasure Goblins in general.

Rainbow Goblins are the only type of Goblin that doesn't use a color-shifted version of the standard Goblin artwork. The animation for Rainbow Goblins is the same, but their graphic is identical to the rainbow goblin plushie, a merch item. In the game Rainbow Goblins thus look softer and have more rounded, fuzzy edges, as opposed to the harder, sharper contours of other Goblin types.

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