Monster Generators

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Monster Generators are objects found in the dungeons that create a seemingly never-ending supply of monsters.

These sorts of objects existed in Diablo II, most obviously as Blood Hawk nests and the various standing caskets and coffins found in the Act 2 desert tombs, from which endless zombies would emerge.

Similar mechanisms are found in Diablo III, from which an endless (?) supply of undead will issue forth. In the Blizzcon 2010 build, on the Halls of Agony level, there were numerous Iron Maidens that would open and send forth a zombie, then close before opening with another one a minute later, as though the torture device was the top of some hidden elevator up from a zombie storeroom.

More gruesomely, the blood pit, seen in the image to the right, was the source of a seemingly unending supply of fat zombies that came crawling up over the edge while a player remained nearby. Unlike the Iron Maidens, there was nothing to destroy to stop the zombies from emerging from this pit. Players eventually just had to leave the area when they'd battered enough of the slow zombies to take the edge off.

The blood pit in the Halls of Agony.