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Health Link is a Boss Modifier that spawns only on Champions in Diablo III.

This modifier links the health of all the champions in a group, causing them all to lose health when one is damaged. This makes it impossible to single one monster out and kill it quickly, since the total health pool is three or four times the usual (depending on whether there are 3 or 4 of the champions). On the bright side, once one of the champions die, the others will go very quickly afterwards.

Other than pooling their health, this modifier doesn't make any changes to monster damage or resistance or behavior. There is no visual indication of the property other than in the tool tip when hovered on.

As of Patch 1.0.3, Morlu monsters can not spawn with this modifier.

Health Link

Strategy[edit | edit source]

There's no special strategy required for this modifier. Players simply need to be aware that the battle will be longer before anything dies, and plan accordingly. It's more noticeable when playing solo, since your character will likely be damaging just one of the Champions at a time, and it will thus take three or four times longer than usual to kill it.

Because of how the life is shared, it's not uncommon for the other Champions that are not being hit to drop dead before the one you are pounding on, which can be weird when you only hit one monster for an entire fight and 3 or 4 of them die anyway.

Development[edit | edit source]

During development this modifier was called Life Link and could be encountered on bosses and their minions, as well as champions.

Media[edit | edit source]

The Health Link champions look just like other Champions, with no visual difference from the modifier, so screenshots are somewhat pointless. There is a visual component to the Health Link, as splashes of blood can be seen flowing between the Champions, as one takes damage and the others seem to share their life to the injured one. No video of this is currently available, though.