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Withermoth are beautiful giant butterflies. They hide in undergrowth and jump out when you are very close by. They are extremely colourful and pretty to look at but they'll rip your face off given half the chance.

Subtypes[edit | edit source]

Act I

  • Withermoth

Act V

  • Darkmoth

Darkmoth[edit | edit source]

  • Found in Act V - Winding Cave
  • Physical melee dashing attack.


Withermoth[edit | edit source]



Lore[edit | edit source]

The withermoth is a curious phenomenon. It is tremendously large for an insect and somehow its size allows it to expel a charging force when attacked. For this reason, few have survived to study it in great detail, including many notable academics. In fact, please do not inquire further upon this subject. -- Abd al-Hazir

Media[edit | edit source]