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Spiderlings are Beasts which appear in Act I but mostly in Act II.

Sub Types[edit | edit source]

Act I

  • Spiderling

Act II

  • Brood Hatchling
  • Cavern Spider
  • Fiery Spiderling
  • Icy Spiderling
  • Shocking Spiderling
  • Venomous Spiderling

In Alphabetical Order

Brood Hatchling[edit | edit source]

right|thumb|200px|Brood Hatchling

<mob>Brood Hatchling</mob>

Cavern Spider[edit | edit source]

right|thumb|200px|Cavern Spider

Fiery Spiderling[edit | edit source]

right|thumb|200px|Fiery Spiderling

<mob>Fiery Spiderling</mob>

Icy Spiderling[edit | edit source]

right|thumb|200px|Icy Spiderling

<mob>Icy Spiderling</mob>

Shocking Spiderling[edit | edit source]

right|thumb|200px|Shocking Spiderling

<mob>Shocking Spiderling</mob>

Spiderling[edit | edit source]


<mob acr="5467">Spiderling</mob>

Venomous Spiderling[edit | edit source]

right|thumb|200px|Venomous Spiderling

<mob>Venomous Spiderling</mob>

Named[edit | edit source]

Lore[edit | edit source]

Spiderlings alone may seem unthreatening, but their presence should be a warning for travelers. For wherever there are spiderlings, there will be matriarchs, and the fully grown arachnids are extremely protective of their young. The spiderlings themselves possess strong appetites, allowing them to do considerable harm to a cornered adventurer. -- Abd al-Hazir

Gallery[edit | edit source]