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Dargon, Treacherous Cur, is a Superunique Human that is found in the Highlands Passage in Leoric's Hunting Grounds in Act I. He is the object of A Reputation Restored event set by Kyr the Weaponsmith



Farming for Dargon[edit | edit source]


  1. Take quest No. 9 The Imprisoned Angel > The Cursed Hold.
  2. Take the Waypoint to level 2 of the Halls of Agony and find the exit up to the Highlands Passage. See the Highlands Passage map.
  3. As you pass to the Highlands Passage you'll get a checkpoint. This is where Kyr the Weaponsmith will appear.
  4. If he is not there simply leave and resume and you will appear in the same place. Repeat until Kyr appears.