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Grimsmack "Stover of Heads" is a Superunique Ghoul found in the Festering Woods. His sub text, 'Stover of Heads', suggests he doesn't have any sort of magic ability but is particularly brutal. 'Stove' in this sense means to smash and it's a Scottish term -- to stove someone's head in.

Grimsmack is the target of the Bounty Kill Grimsmack.

He has a possibility of dropping the Cartographer's Toolkit needed to craft the boots Board Walkers.

He has the Plagued and Wormhole modifier as well as a one-handed sword melee attack.


Lore[edit | edit source]

Ghouls are stronger than most risen dead, but they gain their fortitude through horrific means—feasting upon human corpses. These creatures are least dangerous while eating, but do not disturb them, or it shall be your limbs between their teeth. -- Deckard Cain