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John Gorham Coffin

John Gorham Coffin , 'Resurrectionist' is a Superunique Undead Brigand who appears on level 1 of the Defiled Crypts in the Cemetery of the Forsaken. He will only appear in the crypt that has 2 floors. As he is involved in the completion of an Achievement (detailed below) it will more than likely be necessary to farm for him.

John Gorham Coffin

He has a mainly melee attack but will also hurl daggers from afar.

He has a possibility of dropping Born's Key a Legendary material required for the Born's Command set.

Farming John Gorham CoffinEdit


  1. From the Quest Selection screen take quest 3. Shattered Crown > Northwest Gate.
  2. Take that gate from Tristram, run up through The Weeping Hollow and into the Cemetery of the Forsaken.
  3. Locate the crypt with 2 levels.
  4. Make your way down to the Chancellor's Tomb where you'll get a Checkpoint just as you enter it. This will enable you to farm the crypts by leaving the game, Resuming and re-appearing at this spot.
  5. Go back up to the first level of the crypt. Hunt for John.

Special Notes:


John Gorham Coffin is involved in one achievement.

Name Points Description Banner
<achievement type="single">Haunted</achievement>