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Are you looking for the Beast group of monsters, such as Savage Beast? View Beast (monster)

Beasts is one of the four classifications of monsters in Diablo III. All monsters belong to one of the classifications in Diablo III, and certain spells or items are more effective against different types of monsters. This article also contains the lore information about Beasts.

The classifications of monsters in Diablo III are:

The Beasts classification is all monsters that generally seem to be more part of nature or the environment than direct creations of Hell. They are all distinguished by a lack of intelligence, and instead have mostly feral instincts, or basic "hunter" type behaviour. Some of these animals do indeed come from the Burning Hells, however, but they are tools for mayhem used by other Demons.

For a full list of Beast-type monsters, check out the Beasts Category. You can also go to the Diablo 2 Wiki to the find Diablo 2 Animals.

  • There is a small set of three monsters called Beast which adds a little confusion.