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Thralls are human cultists, Vessels that have let themselves be filled by a demonic presence, distorting them into a mutated monster of great power. Activated Vessels are demons.

Cultist summoners can be found alone, but are often encountered in circles of five or more individuals, all of whom are working actively to surrender their lives and bodies to a possessing demonic power. Players are well-advised to kill as many of the Vessels as possible, before they can call down a demon and become a more dangerous Activated Vessel.

They have a Thrall Dash which allows them to move very quickly toward you before attacking your with a physical melee attack.

Subtypes[edit | edit source]

Act I

Act II

In Alphabetical Order

Malignant Thrall[edit | edit source]

<mob>Malignant Thrall</mob>

Tormented Thrall[edit | edit source]

<mob>Tormented Thrall</mob>

Unholy Thrall[edit | edit source]

Unholy Thrall

<mob>Unholy Thrall</mob>

Named[edit | edit source]

Superunique versions of Thrall have a chance of spawning in the following areas:

Act I

Background[edit | edit source]

The spikes that poke out of their backs are called "Teeth of Diablo", and are indeed a metal spike inserted into the flesh of the willing recipient. The spike does not seem to cause internal haemorrhaging but instead some sort of perverse corruption of both soul and body.

Gallery[edit | edit source]