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Albord was a tall, gangly, white-haired fighter. One of the fifteen mercenaries working for Captain Kentril Dumon. Albord was one of the most trust-worthy among the crew aside from Gorst (the second-in-command). The young fighter had learned a lot from his captain.

Albord was so loyal that when the remaining six mercenaries were leaving Ureh with the riches given to them by Lord Juris Khan, he decided to stay behind with Captain Kentril Dumon. He decided to stay a year beside the captain, before returning to his family.

Kentril had been offered nobility as prince of the land of Ureh and commander general with the rights to wed Princess Atanna. Thus, Albord could at least return home bragging he had served a prince, and with enough riches to last all his life.

Albord escorted the remaining six mercenaries to the gates of Ureh, for a final goodbye, and intended to return to the palace of Ureh to serve his old friend Captain Kentril Dumon, now commander general and Prince of Ureh.

However, as he walked back to the palace, he heard the voice of Orlif calling his name in the distance. Albord walked back to the gates to see if he was needed. To his horror, a multitude of dry husk cadavers with gaping hole for a mouth that opened and closed on flesh ... they were feasting on the flesh of the six mercenaries. Orlif's face and arms were ripped flesh. He managed to move above the crowd of unliving citizens to look at Albord and scream one final time.

Albord couldn't resist a loud "no". The husks turned around to see Albord and chased after him. Poor Albord couldn't make it in time to the stairway to the palace of Ureh. Albord appears in the novel Diablo: The Kingdom of Shadow.

Captain Kentril Dumon's Mercenary Band[edit source]